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December 12, 2021

My quest for ultimate privacy

According to ArsTechnica, about 80% of the world uses Windows as their desktop operating system, while the other 20% consists of MacOS, ChromeOS and other Linux-based distributions. I used to be within that 80%—I used to be a long-time Windows user. I had used that clunky, bloated, unreliable and privacy-invasive operating system for the majority of my life, ever since I was a child, really. I recently moved to Solus OS, one of the most popular Linux distributions, as my primary desktop operating system. I have never felt so free and this much peace of mind while using my computer. I switched to Linux because I wanted true privacy, stability and customization.

True Privacy

TheHackerNews wrote an article at the time discussing the fact that Windows 10 sends your personal data 5500 times a day to Microsoft servers, even after tweaking privacy settings. Does this sound like privacy to you? It sure as hell doesn't to me. By definition, Windows 10, quite literally, is spyware. It collects basically everything it can and phones home. If a malicious app did this, we'd see media outlets calling it spyware, maybe even the federal government announcing it too—but for some reason, Windows 10 doesn't qualify.

Some people think that this isn't a bad thing because Microsoft is a big company that can be trusted in their eyes, but that's the reason why you shouldn't trust them. Microsoft is a conglomerate that dominates the PC operating system market, as mentioned previously. With all this data, what do you think they're doing with it? I know they're selling it, that's for sure. As well, Microsoft is a member of the NSA's PRISM spying program, so they're almost certainly handing over users' personal data to the surveillance agency. Oh wait, we already caught them.

There are ways to try to block Windows 10 telemetry, but there's no sure-fire way. Trying to debloat Windows 10 using the registry will definitely fuck up your system, as its telemetry is so deeply rooted in the operating system.

With Linux, there is no conglomerate. It's free, open-source software. The community actively develops it, and anybody with the necessary programming background can audit the code to find security vulnerabilities and verify its privacy. At the moment, I'm running Solus 4.3 Budgie, which has clearly labelled opt-in telemetry settings. It's a toggle to enable it and a toggle to disable it. Solus makes it clear and concise to the user about what data they collect and why they want to collect it, and the option to disable it at any time.


If you are very paranoid of hackers or surveillances, You might want to look at hardening your Linux distribution. This is will asure you more great security over your linux distrobution than an unprotected one. Firewalls, Encryption, Anti-virus, & Host files i will explain in the link down below for more detail explanation.

Click here!


I think almost everybody knows about the infamous blue screen of death by now. It's the bright, blue, anxiety-inducing screen that we see when Windows has a problem... which is extremely frequent. I cannot speak on others' Windows 10 experiences; however, I can absolutely comment on mine. My Windows 10 experience has been ridiculous. Often, my computer would freeze or blue screen, especially when running video games and virtual machines, that my computer was totally capable of running without issues.

With Linux, my computer has been running better than it did the day I bought it. It's faster and more capable than it ever could have been on Windows 10. Solus is so resource-efficient, my CPU usage rarely stays above 80%, and my memory usage is significantly lower when idle.


Windows 10 isn't very customizable compared to Linux. For the most part, you're stuck with the stock interface. The only things you can change are the wallpaper, theme color and maybe tweak the desktop look. Using Linux, you can change its look entirely. Desktop environments, like GNOME and KDE, are both modular, and users may tweak them how ever they want. Don't like the icon pack? You can change that. Want to make your OS entirely navigable using keyboard shortcuts? There's a desktop environment for that. There's a desktop environment for every type of person.


In my opinion, Linux is far superior to Windows 10 because I have the peace of mind knowing that no one is watching my every move, my computer will be ready for my use at any time and that I can change parts of my operating system to whatever I want, whenever I want. I highly recommend avid privacy-nerds, like me, to give a Linux distribution a try if you haven't already. If you're still on the edge, you can always dual-boot your system and have Linux along-side Windows, so you can easily switch between operating systems whenever you want. I actually started out as a dual-booter but then quickly ditched Windows and switched full-time to Linux.

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December 12, 2021

The alternatives that keep my personal information private from prying eyes.

As you might know already by looking at my previous blog posts, I'm heavily invested in privacy and anonymity and I enjoy learning new ways to keep my personal data private.

Reduce Your Footprint

  • TheNewOil – This site is designed to help readers take back control of their data and regain their privacy online. Whether you think the digital panopticon is immoral, or whether you simply find companies stalking your every digital move creepy, this site will help you learn the basics about protecting your identity, your safety, and your data.
  • PrivacyTools – You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. privacytools.io provides services, tools and knowledge to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
  • PrivacyGuides – Massive organizations are monitoring your online activities. Privacy Guides is your central privacy and security resource to protect yourself online.
  • European Alternatives – Helping you find european alternatives for digital service and products, like cloud services and SASS products.
  • AccountKiller – A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.
  • DeleteMe – DeleteMe gets professionals to delete your data from data broker sites and scans them for you and your family. It is very expensive.
  • ThinkPrivacy – It's your data. It's time you take control of it.
  • Redact – Mass delete your messages, posts and comments on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook, and more, all from one free app.
  • SayMine – Mine helps you discover where your personal data is and manage your digital footprint. You decide where your data should or shouldn't be, they'll make it happen.
  • DeseatMe – Instantly get a list of all your accounts, delete the ones you are not using.
  • CyberToolBank – Best And Reliable Services In One Place For Free, Including Privacy Services, Doxing Tips, Hacking Tips, And Other Cybersecurity. Cybertoolbank.cc 2019-2021.
  • JustDeleteMe – A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

Open Source Firmware

  • OpenWrt – The OpenWrt Project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices. Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt provides a fully writable filesystem with package management. This frees you from the application selection and configuration provided by the vendor and allows you to customize the device through the use of packages to suit any application. For developers, OpenWrt is the framework to build an application without having to build a complete firmware around it; for users this means the ability for full customization, to use the device in ways never envisioned.
    • DD-Wrt – DD-WRT is a Linux based alternative OpenSource firmware suitable for a great variety of WLAN routers and embedded systems. The main emphasis lies on providing the easiest possible handling while at the same time supporting a great number of functionalities within the framework of the respective hardware platform used.
    • pfSense – pfSense is a free and open source firewall and router that also features unified threat management, load balancing, multi WAN, and more
    • LibreCMC – libreCMC is a set of fully free embedded Operating Systems for general purpose computers. The Project aims to give its users freedom and control over the software that runs on their hardware. Most of the hardware that libreCMC supports includes a wide range of routers and some small single board computers.
    • FreshTomato –  A system based on Linux, dedicated for routers with Broadcom chipset and distributed on the GPL license. This advanced system consists of a particularly friendly interface, thanks to which even inexperienced users can easily work with it.

RSS Feed Readers

  • QuiteRSS – QuiteRSS is a open-source cross-platform RSS/Atom news feeds reader.

Debit Card Aliases

  • Privacy – Make a unique debit card number for every single purchase online with just 1 click. Never worry again about credit card breaches, shady merchants, or sneaky subscription billing.

Private Cell Phone Plan

  • Mint Mobile – Mint Mobile re-imagined the wireless shopping experience and made it easy and online-only. No stores. No salespeople. Just huge direct to you savings on nationwide phone plans.

Private Hotspot

  • Calyx Institute – They mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use. By embracing “privacy by design,” we help make digital security and privacy more accessible to everyone.

Phone Number Aliases

  • SMSPool – SMS verification service online from SMSPool using our non voip mobile numbers for SMS Verification worldwide. Sign up now for the highest quality SMS verifications for your accounts.
  • MySudo – Send private messages, manage multiple phone numbers and email addresses, and create custom personal identities that last as long as you need them.
  • Silent.link – Get global mobile 4G/5G Internet access and burner UK +44 SMS number instantly and privately on any modern eSIM-compatible smartphone.

Operating Systems

  • Solus OS – Solus is an operating system that is designed for home computing. Every tweak enables us to deliver a cohesive computing experience.
  • Serpent OS – Serpent OS is building a pioneering new Linux distribution based on modern technologies, enabling stellar features for everyone, without the price tag.
  • Ghost Spectre – Ghost Spectre makes windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and even 11 with great privacy and security features. Removes bloatware, privacy optimizations and performance, And has his own custom toolbox to install back certain apps. You can also install android subsystem on windows 11 with this tutorial.

Privacy Friendly Mobile Operating Systems

  • LineageOS – A free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform. Wide range of supported devices: Open List
  • CalyxOS – Everyone needs a phone. Not everyone wants to be spied on. Reclaim your privacy with CalyxOS.
  • GrapheneOS – The private and secure mobile operating system with Android app compatibility. Developed as a non-profit open source project.

Anti-Virus for Windows 10/11

⚠️ You do not need Bit-defender or Kaspersky on your Ghost Spectre Windows version as it will detect everything as false positive. Making Ghost Toolbox being deleted or even worst. All you need is Windows Defender, Shadow Defender, And your brain.

  • Bit-Defender – Bitdefender is a cybersecurity software leader delivering best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions worldwide. It is also ranked Grade B, Read more here!
  • Kaspersky – Feel truly safe online with AI-driven protection against hackers and the latest viruses, ransomware and spyware. This is also graded with B, Read more here! Download Cracked Keys

⚠️ Me and My homie cracked keys for premium access, If the key doesn’t work oh well. If you want some keys, You contact me by email and we can talk payment to gain a new key.

Privacy and Security Tools for Windows 10 and 11

Disk & File Cleaners with Privacy Features

  • BleachBit – Shredding files and wiping unallocated disk space to minimize data remanence.
  • ExifCleaner – Removes metadata for the most popular image and video formats. It also supports PDF files and comes with batch-processing to process multiple files at once. Drag and Drop interface, easy to use.
  • Mat2 – mat2 is a metadata removal tool, supporting a wide range of commonly used file formats, written in python3: at its core, it's a library, used by an eponymous command-line interface, as well as several file manager extensions.


  • Vivaldi Browser – It’s a browser. But fun. It comes with a bunch of clever features built-in. It’s freakishly flexible and private too. Get Vivaldi for desktop or Android!
  • Brave – Not a popular choice within the privacy community, But it offers a complete package out of the box on all platforms and is suitable for beginners or if setup time is a factor at the given situation. Wikipedia offers more information about it's controversies. I use this for mainly all my devices and sense i am advanced i added some flags, extensions, and tweak some settings for maximum privacy. A researcher done a trace of when you open brave to see what's the first thing it connects to. This is to confirm if it really phones home to google or not. 
  • Tor – Tor Browser is your choice if you need an extra layer of anonymity. It's a modified version of Firefox, which comes with pre-installed privacy add-ons, encryption, and an advanced proxy. It's not recommended to install additional browser addons. Plugins or addons may bypass Tor or compromise your privacy. This also if your interested in hacking related subjects like, Darkweb, Deepweb, Database Dumps, Doxes, Cracks, Leaks, And many more. It is not ideal to use it for your everyday needs, Unless you don't mind loading websites slow.

Search Engine

  • Startpage – Search and browse the internet without being tracked or targeted. Startpage is the worlds most private search engine. Use Startpage to protect your personal data.


  • ProtonMail – Based in  Switzerland, founded in 2013. Free and paid plans include all security features, including end-to-end encryption, zero-access encryption, anti-phishing, anti-spam and 2FA. Own Android, iOS Apps and web interface. Paid plans enable custom domains. Accessible via Tor Network.
  • ProtonMail BridgeProtonMail Bridge is an application available to all paid users that enables the integration of your ProtonMail account with popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. Bridge runs in the background by seamlessly encrypting and decrypting messages as they enter and leave your computer. The app is compatible with most email clients supporting IMAP and SMTP protocols.

Email Clients

  • Canary Mail – Canary's security suite is second to none with Seamless End-To-End Encryption, Full PGP Support, Biometric App Lock, On-Device Fetch, No Ads, No Data Mining & Open Source Mail Sync Engine. Also available for Mac.
  • Thunderbird – Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features!

Email Aliases

  • AnonAddy – Create unlimited aliases for free. Protect your email from spam using disposable addresses. Encrypt forwarded emails with PGP encryption using this service.

Temp Email

  • Temp Mail – Keep spam out of your mail and stay safe. Just use a disposable temporary email address, Protect your personal email address from spam with Temp-mail.

Encrypted Video & Voice Messengers

  • Jitsi – A free open-source video conferencing software for web & mobile. Make a call, launch on your own servers, integrate into your app, and more.

Encrypted Digital Notebooks

  • Standard Notes – Standard Notes is an easy-to-use encrypted note-taking app for digitalists and professionals. Capture your notes, documents, and life’s work all in one place.

Productivity & Collaboration Privacy Tools for Work

  • OnlyOffice – ONLYOFFICE offers a secure online office suite highly compatible with MS Office formats. Connect it to your web platform for document editing and collaboration or use as a part of ONLYOFFICE Workspace.
  • CryptPad – Collaboration suite end-to-end encrypted and open-source.

Encrypted and Secure Instant Messaging

  • Keybase – Keybase is for keeping everyone's chats and files safe, from families to communities to companies. MacOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android.
  • Session – Session is a private messenger that aims to remove any chance of metadata collection by routing all messages through an onion routing network.
  • Signal – Say “hello” to a different messaging experience. An unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all of the features you expect.
  • Tox – Whether it's corporations or governments, there's just too much digital spying going on today. Tox is an easy to use application that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in. While other big-name services require you to pay for features, Tox is totally free and comes without advertising & dash forever.
  • Delta – Chat over e-mail and head back to the future with them! Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control. Delta Chat does not need your phone number.
  • Element – Element is a Matrix-based end-to-end encrypted messenger and collaboration app. It’s decentralised for digital sovereign self-hosting, or through a hosting service such as Element Matrix Services. Element operates on the open Matrix network to provide interoperability and easy connections.
  • Telegram – Fast. Secure. Powerful.
  • XMPP – XMPP powers emerging technologies like IoT, WebRTC, and social. No one owns XMPP. It's free and open for everyone since 1999. It's a living standard.

Password Manager

  • Bitwarden – Bitwarden is an integrated open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations. Your private information is protected with end-to-end encryption before it ever leaves your device.

Temp File Uploading

  • AnonFiles – Upload your files anonymously and free on AnonFiles.
  • OneTime – Files are uploaded on the server in an encrypted form. Only the one who has a correct URL can decrypt them (even the site owner can't). Files are permanently deleted from the server after the first view. No logs are recorded.
  • Send – Send let’s you share files with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires to ensure your important documents don’t stay online forever.
  • AnonArchive – AnonArchive is a 100% free to use, anonymous and private file storage, distribution and sharing platform. The road to a more private tomorrow.
  • OnionShare – OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network.
  • Syncthing – Syncthing is a continuous file synchronization program. It synchronizes files between two or more computers in real time, safely protected from prying eyes. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, whether it is shared with some third party, and how it's transmitted over the internet.
  • Bitwarden Send – Bitwarden Send is a trusted way to securely share information directly with anyone with end-to-end encryption.
  • sql.gg – Fully anonymous Resilient file hosting.

Authenticator 2FA (TOTP)

  • Raivo OTP – A native, lightweight, non-commercial and secure time-based (TOTP) & counter-based (HOTP) two-factor client that syncs your tokens across all of your Apple devices.
  • Tofu – An easy-to-use, open-source two-factor authentication app designed specifically for iOS.

Hardware Authenticator 2FA (Security Key)

  • Yubico Authenticator – Store your unique credential on a hardware-backed security key and take it wherever you go from mobile to desktop. No more storing sensitive secrets on your mobile phone, leaving your account vulnerable to takeovers. With the Yubico Authenticator you can raise the bar for security.


  • Privatebin – PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data.

File Encryption

  • VeraCrypt – VeraCrypt is free open-source disk encryption software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In case an attacker forces you to reveal the password, VeraCrypt provides plausible deniability. In contrast to file encryption, data encryption performed by VeraCrypt is real-time (on-the-fly), automatic, transparent, needs very little memory, and does not involve temporary unencrypted files.
  • GNU Privacy Guard: Email Encryption – GnuPG allows you to encrypt and sign your email data and communications.
  • 7-Zip – File archiver with a high compression ratio and built-in encryption functionality.
  • WinRAR – File archiver with a high compression ratio and built-in encryption functionality.
  • Cryptomator – Cryptomator encrypts your data quickly and easily. Afterwards you upload them protected to a cloud service.
  • Hat – Client-side browser encryption to encrypt your data quickly and easily. Afterwards you upload them protected to a cloud service.

Cloud Storage

⚠️ Always encrypt sensitive files first before uploading them to any cloud storage provider. While they may be open-source, it is impossible to audit their authenticity completely.

  • MEGA – MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 20GB now!
  • Filen – Next Generation end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. Get started with 10 GB of free space.

This article is not sponsored by any entity.

⚠️ A VPN is not a bulletproof solution and should not be used for anonymity, but rather privacy. Read VPNs Aren't Magical—Here's Why for more details.

  • Mullvad VPN – Mullvad is a VPN service that helps keep your online activity, identity, and location private. Only €5/month – They accept Bitcoin, cash, bank wire, credit card, PayPal, and Swish.


  • NextDNS – NextDNS protects you from all kinds of security threats, blocks ads and trackers on websites and in apps and provides a safe and supervised Internet for kids — on all devices and on all networks.
  • Pi-Hole – You can run Pi-hole in a container, or deploy it directly to a supported operating system via installer.

Torrent Clients

  • qBittorrent – The qBittorrent project aims to provide an open-source software alternative to µTorrent.

YouTube Alternatives

  • Invidious – Alternative frontend for YouTube without ads and tracking.
  • Odysee – Explore a whole universe of videos on Odysee from regular people just like you!

Decentralized Social Networks

Privacy Friendly Translation Tools

  • Lingva Translate – Alternative front-end for Google Translate, serving as a Free and Open Source translator with over a hundred languages available
  • Libre Translate – Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. 100% self-hosted, no limits, no ties to proprietary services. Run your own API server in just a few minutes.

Privacy-Friendly World Maps Alternatives

  • OpenStreetMap – OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Try out the mobile alternatives for iOS & Android: OsmAnd or Organic Maps

Android Keyboard Alternatives That Respect Your Privacy

Cryptocurrency: A privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency for anonymity

  • Edge – The Edge Wallet offers cutting-edge security, privacy, and ease-of-use; making it the most secure way to buy, trade, and store your crypto assets.

Secure Web Hosting & Domain Provider

  • Namecheap – Register domain names at Namecheap. Buy cheap domain names and enjoy 24/7 support. With over 13 million domains under management, you know you’re in good hands.
  • PorkBun – Porkbun is an amazingly awesome ICANN accredited domain name registrar based out of the Pacific Northwest. They’re different, They’re easy, and they’re affordable. Use them, you won't be sorry. If you don't use them they’ll be sad, but they’ll still love you.
  • Epik – Epik offers cheap domain names, hosting, domaining & more with legendary customer support. Save your time and money with forever domain registration.
  • 1984Hosting – 1984 is green, ethical web hosting that protects it's user's privacy. 1984 offers: VPS & shared hosting services, FreeDNS, and unlimited storage & bandwidth.
  • Njalla – Njalla is Considered the worlds most notorious & Privacy as a Service provider for domains, VPS and VPNs.

Privacy and Security for ShareX Image & File Host

⚠️ The ShareX Image Host Community is incompetent and cannot secure a server or their sources. Some of which these image has gotten data breached or source got leaked by one of their old admins or a random user. They also like to be in drama and ddos. The average developer in the sharex image host community is between ages 13-16. They also can’t afford actual VDS/VPS, Which that means is they use free credits VPS that offers that like Vultr, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Azure, And Linode. Probably some of them have ip logging in their source as some of them do. I will provide the ones with the best list of security and that will respect your privacy.

  • Horizon.pics – A fast, zero knowledge end-to-end encrypted, privacy-friendly, reliable and highly-customizable invite-only sharex image & file host.
  • Upload.Systems – The superior image hosting, with support for Windows, macOS and Linux via a variety of applications. 700+ premium domains and climbing. A strong team of developers and support staff to help you along the way.
  • File.Glass – Fileglass is a blazing fast, privacy-centric and free file host with focus on speed, reliability and security. With support for ShareX and more.
  • ShareX Hosting – Effortlessly deploy custom ShareX file uploaders using your own domain name. Simple, yet powerful with no advanced technical or coding skills required.

iOS Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List

  • coming soon…

Amazon FireTV (Android Based) Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List

  • coming soon…

Amazon FireHD (Android Based) Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List

  • coming soon…


You've reached the end of my list—I hope you were able to discover an alternative or two along the way! If you disagree with any of my choices or just want to talk to me, feel free to send me an email.

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December 14, 2021

A list of free public pgp keyservers to share your public key with for everyone to contact you by email.

GPG/PGP Public Keyserver

  • Keybase - Keybase is for keeping everyone's chats and files safe, from families to communities to companies. MacOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android.
  • keys.mailvelope.com – An OpenPGP public key server that verifies users by sending an encrypted verification email.
  • Keys.OpenPGP.org - OpenPGP Public Keyserver to Share with everyone.
  • Keyserver.ubuntu.com - OpenPGP Public Keyserver to Share with everyone.
  • PGP.Mit.Edu - OpenPGP Public Keyserver to Share with everyone.
  • Keyserver.PGP.com - OpenPGP Public Keyserver to Share with everyone.
  • Keyoxide.org - Modern and secure platform to manage a decentralized identity based on cryptographic keys.

GPG/PGP Public Keyserver Website List

December 14, 2021

A list of free public XMPP servers to use for your secure messaging. Get the best anonymity, privacy, and security servers researched by me.

What is Jabber/XMPP?:

Jabber/XMPP is a decentralised instant messenger using the open source XMPP protocol, there is no central server that could be compromised, the multiple nodes construct a resilient and hard to monitor infrastructure. Dozens of XMPP servers, encryption and its open source nature make XMPP much harder to wiretap or shut down than cloud based Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger or Skype, all USA companies known to have a NSA backdoor.

One of Jabber/XMPP main vulnerabilities is that the server you are connected to is not trustworthy, this is a list of XMPP servers with the best privacy policies:

  • 5th July XMPP: Swedish privacy foundation promoting free speech worldwide, in between other services they provide an open XMPP server with Off-The-Record Messaging (OTR) support, hosted in Sweden and with logs tuned off. They warn you that file transfers are not encrypted, only text conversations are.
  • Calyx Institute: A not for profit privacy and cyber-security foundation running a public Jabber/XMPP server that does not create any records of who you communicate with or keep logs of the content of any communications, this server forces you to use OTR, Off-the-Record Messaging, a cryptographic plugin that stops the server administrator from accessing plain text of your communications.
  • Dismail.de: Free public server located in Germany, you can register for an account using the web interface or your Jabber client. The privacy policy is very clear about how long for each one of your details are stored, metadata has to be saved for Jabber to work, it would be impossible to communicate with your contacts without saving who they are and your Jabber ID is of course also saved. Personal details like the IP address used to create the account and the files you upload are erased after a month.
  • Jabber.at: This XMPP server does keep logs, but I am adding them to the list because they are very clear about this, indicating how many days logs are kept for and what the content. For example the IP used to register an account, chat messages and file uploads are all kept for 31 days. The administrator indicates that they are based in Austria and according to local laws he must and will hand over logs for any crime that carries more than 1 year in prison. A transparency report with the number or court orders received to hand over logs is posted yearly, to be found in the privacy section of the website.
  • Neko IM: Running a public XMPP server located in Norway, they claim that no more information is collected and stored than what is absolutely necessary, TLS everywhere is enforced and Jabber clients need to support a strong cipher or they will not be able to connect to the network. Being a free volunteer run project, this server uptime comes accordingly to this and no guarantees are made about uptime other than “as much as possible“.
  • Countermail: This is a paid for service from a Sweden based email privacy company that provides the XMPP server xmpp.counternet.com with TLS and SSL encryption only available to email account holders. The username and password are randomly generated, you can not create your own, however, all XMPP clients supports “alias” or “display name” that you can manually set up and this is what other Jabber users will see.

XMPP servers in Tor:

  • OTR.im: Free anonymous Jabber service with a Tor hidden node, connections are encrypted with a Let’s encrypt certificate. This XMPP server is fully encrypted and logs are disabled, except error logs, all that the administrator can see is your hashed password, IP address if you don’t use Tor, offline messages and destination address if your contact is not online. A detailed explanation about the logs and configuration settings are posted on the site.
  • SystemLi: Jabber server managed by an anti-capitalist tech collective. They do not retain any kind of data and a .onion link is available for those using Tor. To avoid spam accounts registration is only possible with an Internet browser.
  • Kode.im: A public USA based Jabber server with a Tor address and multi-user chat support. The server only allows ciphers with forward secrecy enabled. Logs are kept to a minimum and they do not include IP address history of any users. Accounts are removed after six months of inactivity.
  • OnionMessenger: Free Android and web based Jabber messenger that uses Tor to communicate with others. it can be used in conjunction with OMEMO and OpenPGP to encrypt the data stored in your device.

Other XMPP Servers:

  • list.jabber.at - This is a list of public XMPP servers, free for everyone to use. XMPP is a open, free and decentralized instant messaging network. Due to its decentralized nature, there are thousands of XMPP servers available from which to choose from. You may choose any of the listed servers or a different server altogether, you can always communicate with users on other servers. This list is kindly brought to you by jabber.at, which is run by the Fachschaft Informatik.
  • 404.city - Server in France. 404.city is a virtual city of the future. The cipher-punk community in the federation XMPP. Their mission is to promote new technologies, protect privacy and protection of human rights. When you yourself encrypt your messages and using XMPP, They can not know what you and the other user are talking about. Protect freedom of speech using the best e2e encryption algorithms: PGP, OMEMO, OTR.
  • xmpp.dk - Server in France. XMPP.dk runs a public, free and secure Jabber / XMPP server that allows account registration. In addition, the server requires OTR to be enabled in your chat client. You can connect to xmpp.dk using your favourite Jabber client. There’s a long list of clients available over at xmpp.org. You can connect to xmpp.dk using your favourite Jabber client. There’s a long list of clients available over at xmpp.org. To create a @xmpp.dk account: Registration is handled in-band by your Jabber/XMPP client. This is the only way to create an account on xmpp.dk. Simply add username@xmpp.dk in your client and click “register” or check the box to “create this account on the server” to sign up.
  • protonxmpp.ch - Server in the Netherlands. ProtonXMPP, secure messaging for all. ProtonXMPP.ch is a Jabber/XMPP service that enables real-time communication with your friends and family. Like XMPP, our public messaging server is free and open for everyone. ProtonXMPP runs on an open source, community-driven software, focused on performance and security. Sign up today! ProtonXMPP fills the gap between usability and rock-solid security on XMPP services. It is based on open source software built by a community composed of end-users, developers and service providers around the world. ProtonXMPP features “In Band Registration”, which means that you can register an account directly from your client. ProtonXMPP recommends using Pidgin as your IM client. Download pidgin here. If your client does not support “In Band Registration”, They offer a web-based registration option here.

jabber.at - Server in Austria. All measures to ensure security and anonymity are also stated (see on the website).

  • jab.im - Server in Switzerland. Secured, Logless, Support 24/7, Fault tolerant, Сompatible with all global xmpp servers, Monitoring 24/7, No ads, Free charge.


  • They don't store any data, ip addresses, etc..
  • Passwords are stored hashed.
  • They don't store any archives of messages.
  • Sent files are automatically deleted after 60 day.
  • Inactive for more than 360 day accounts are automatically deleted.
  • Server located in Switzerland is guarantee of safety.


  • They respect privacy of their users and don't transfer any data to anyone.
  • They don't cooperate with anyone.

More XMPP Servers:

XMPP Spam Servers to not get in contact with or use:

⚠️ If you use Pi-Hole or NextDNS, You might want to block these spam servers in your denylist as well.

  • netlab.cz
  • sj.ms
  • safetyjabber.com
  • jabbim.pl
  • jabster.pl
  • chatwith.xyz
  • crime.io

A list of free public matrix homeservers to use for your secure messaging. Get the best anonymity, privacy, and security servers researched by me.

Why you need to choose wisely of which home servers to use?:

By default, matrix.org is used as a login to the clients, but an alternative server is better because you are de-central. Choose your Homeserver Provider wisely, as they will be the party that has access to your unencrypted data.

Aria Network Chatcloud Coffespot Freitrix Halogen City Jonasled KDE Monero Mozilla Nicfab Opentechtalks Perthchat Qunta RU matrix Sibnsk SP-codes Synod Tchncs Tedomum

List #2

Server name: Nova IM Domain: https://novaim.com Maintainer: @atreatis:novaim.com Founded: 24-05-2019 Web client: nvaim.com Description: Nova IM is a matrix server with the intention to run as long as possible and bring the focus on helping the network on decentralization.

Server name: Perth Chat Domain: https://perthchat.org Maintainer: @PC-Admin:perthchat.org Founded: 11-09-2017 Description: Perths run matrix server, currently hosted in Singapore. It has a 25MB file size limit and no google captcha.

Server name: Beerfactory Domain: https://beerfactory.org/ Maintainer: @nico:beerfactory.org Founded: about a year ago Web client: https://matrix.beerfactory.org/ Description: Self hosted public Matrix server.

Server name: FNA Domain: https://feneas.org Maintainer: @jaywink:federator.dev Founded: 2018 Web client: https://chat.feneas.org Description: Federated Networks Association is a non-profit volunteer organization that aims to spread knowledge about federated web projects and help people and projects involved in this area. The Matrix server we run is funded from the association funds.

Server name: ENCOM Domain: https://encom.eu.org Maintainer: @bhat:encom.eu.org Support: #status:encom.eu.org Founded: May 28, 2018 Web client: None. Riot.im works just fine. Duh. Description: A general purpose Matrix homeserver hosted in Los Angeles, CA. It is intended to be an alternative method for circumventing Internet censorship in certain states and promote the free spread of knowledge. No reCAPTCHA or email verification required.

Server name: Pixietown Domain: https://pixie.town Maintainer: @f0x:pixie.town Founded: May 31st 2019 Web client: https://neo.pixie.town/app Description: Semi-public Matrix server part of the https://pixie.town services. For an account contact f0x or email f at 0x52 dot eu

Domain: https://matrix.org Maintainer: @matthew:matrix.org Founded: Aug 13th 2014 Web client: https://riot.im/app Description: The first ever Matrix server, as run by the matrix.org core dev team. Can get overloaded.

Server name: envs.net Domain: https://matrix.envs.net Maintainer: @creme.envs.net Founded: since 9/2019 Web client: https://element.envs.net Description: envs.net is a minimalist, non-commercial shared linux system and will always be free to use.

## List #3

Availability - 1 day - 2021-11-13 21:27:52

Availability in percents in the last 1 day

grin.huNA100 %
matrix.orgNA100 %
sorunome.deNA100 %
poddery.comNA100 %
uraziel.deNA100 %
flobob.ovhNA100 %
pixie.townNA100 %
raim.istNA100 %
casavant.orgNA100 %
dmnd.shNA100 %
hacklab.fiNA100 %
bau-ha.usNA100 %
beerfactory.orgNA100 %
tedomum.netNA100 %
ru-matrix.orgNA100 %
chat.weho.stNA100 %
converser.euNA100 %
sibnsk.netNA100 %
matrix.grin.huNA100 %
matrix.vgorcum.comNA100 %
kde.orgNA100 %
g24.atNA096 %
stratum0.orgNA100 %
tomesh.netNA100 %
utwente.ioNA100 %
tilde.funNA100 %
nltrix.netNA100 %
jki.reNA100 %
ungleich.chNA100 %
archlinux.orgNA100 %
oblak.beNA000 %
mozilla.orgNA100 %
nitro.chatNA100 %
vanpetegem.meNA100 %
foobar.styleNA100 %
eryukov.netNA100 %
subak.clubNA100 %
matrix.michaelpj.comNA100 %
zorc.modular.imNA100 %
matrix.libreti.netNA100 %
whomst.onlineNA100 %
einsaman.noNA100 %
mtrx.czNA100 %
matrix.wwff.techNA100 %
asra.grNA100 %
matrix.iriscot.orgNA100 %
matrix.ddt-consult.deNA100 %
synapse.schefczyk.netNA100 %
matrix.drsk.ruNA100 %
matrix.greensteps.cnNA100 %
matrix.2kgwf.fiNA100 %
fick.esNA100 %
flaki.modular.imNA100 %
lodere.esNA100 %
m.wfr.moeNA100 %
matrix.v-lan.orgNA100 %
matrix.antopie.orgNA093 %
marvinfeiter.deNA100 %
faelix.imNA100 %
llit.euNA100 %
fackler-software.deNA100 %
synapse.lickmy.appNA100 %
sergiotarxz.hopto.orgNA100 %
52k.deNA100 %
matrix.2-b.ccNA100 %
matrix.g24.atNA096 %
skylar.techNA100 %
kaplu.mbaNA100 %
matrix.envs.netNA100 %
openastronomy.modular.imNA100 %
stop.peNA100 %
matrix.cccgoe.deNA100 %
chat.usr.nzNA100 %
matrix.planetdecred.orgNA100 %
chat.mailbucket.euNA100 %
matrix.underworld.frNA100 %
englersch.deNA100 %
matrix.jaccu.seNA100 %
zelchat.deNA100 %
chat.home55.netNA100 %
reyd.usNA100 %
mux.reNA086 %
synapse.artycoz.frNA100 %
matrix.beachcom.orgNA100 %
matrix.ericmesa.comNA100 %
backstop.modular.imNA100 %
im.f3l.deNA100 %
matrix.mygaia.orgNA100 %
the-apothecary.clubNA100 %
matrix.cfe.pmNA100 %
riot.360grad.rocksNA100 %
matrix.club-tech.frNA100 %
kvbx.deNA100 %
matrix.thisisjoes.siteNA100 %
andrews.eaglefire.usNA100 %
matrix.bda.spaceNA096 %
matrix.poto.cafeNA100 %
kahakai.deNA100 %
yuuko.smar.fiNA100 %
waffle.techNA100 %
matrix.nerdsurf.deNA100 %
juniorjpdj.plNA100 %
e1m1.xyzNA100 %
matrix.gemeinsam.jetztNA100 %
bau-ha.us:8448NA100 %
matrix.phys-el.ruNA100 %
matrix.decred.orgNA100 %
lomnik.netNA100 %
matrix.utwente.ioNA100 %
sykorp.comNA100 %
matrix.colonelkrud.comNA100 %
matrix.deprecated.orgNA100 %
matrix.dorni.netNA096 %
matrix.machquadrat.orgNA100 %
matrix.oldrevelminds.comNA100 %
matrix.ffggrz.deNA100 %
matrix.thedisco.zoneNA100 %
synsyn.modular.imNA100 %
erfurt.chatNA100 %
matrix.danyocean.comNA100 %
synapse.matrix.digitale-gesellschaft.chNA100 %
g33k.seNA100 %
m.myserv.meNA100 %
ma.neko.barNA096 %
matrix.foxears.lifeNA100 %
matrix.schotty.comNA076 %
riot.ramrod.topNA100 %
matrix.nx-pod.deNA100 %
freitrix.deNA100 %
matrix.2xl.suNA100 %
homecore.spaceNA100 %
matrix.shortestpath.devNA100 %
houtworm.imNA100 %
fairydust.spaceNA100 %
chat.twomoons.deNA100 %
matrix.sp-codes.deNA100 %
matrix.flip.earthNA100 %
matrix.kitzberger.atNA100 %
matrix.suod.krNA100 %
footbridge.xyzNA100 %
chat.filik.euNA100 %
ninetailed.ninjaNA100 %
chat.avlikos.grNA096 %
matrix.42l.frNA100 %
matrix.nebulacentre.netNA100 %
matrix.kiwifarms.netNA100 %
matrix.taskname.comNA100 %
matrix.dyn3.deNA100 %
m.webgo.deNA100 %
matrix.jeanclaudegraf.chNA100 %
oper.ioNA100 %
synapse.asra.grNA100 %
matrix.tmiland.comNA100 %
datenverein.deNA100 %
cl0secall.netNA100 %
matrix-rmonten.ddns.netNA100 %
matrix.calvinrw.comNA100 %
systemtest.tkNA100 %
matrix.sibnsk.netNA100 %
lostpod.meNA100 %
matrix.dhp.comNA100 %
levis.nameNA100 %
pwoss.orgNA100 %
synod.imNA100 %
social.sparced.orgNA100 %
synapse.n1creator.comNA100 %
matrix.kevinronceray.comNA100 %
synapse.vpzom.clickNA100 %
kotilo.dy.fiNA100 %
matrix.superlegit.websiteNA100 %
matrix.mailkommune.deNA100 %
awoo.kemo.noNA000 %
matrix.rindt.meNA100 %
ggpeti.comNA100 %
federator.modular.imNA100 %
synapse.sds-ip.deNA100 %
shortestpath.devNA100 %
matrix.toking.deNA100 %
matrix.dfn.suNA100 %
matrix.jling.devNA100 %
matrix.py-ro.deNA100 %
matrix.privex.ioNA100 %
m.ip-t.comNA100 %
matrix.ideaweb.huNA100 %
skisr.cs.put.poznan.plNA100 %
secureim.deNA100 %
stax.xyzNA093 %
chat.thorko.deNA100 %
mephis.toNA100 %
libreti.netNA100 %
hirthshaus.deNA100 %
matrix.atr0phy.netNA100 %
matrix.epow0.orgNA086 %
kde.modular.imNA100 %
koehn.comNA100 %
matrix.lod.comNA100 %
riotchat.deNA100 %
matrix.jibby.orgNA100 %
matrix.kartoffelkekse.orgNA100 %
matrix.ds-guiraud.frNA100 %
matrix.kosebamse.comNA100 %
matrix.hemmnet.deNA100 %
matrix.m31.zoneNA010 %
nerdsin.spaceNA100 %
arsylum.netNA100 %
das-labor.orgNA100 %
baloncuk.ofissizler.comNA100 %
matrix.kellnerweg.deNA100 %
matrix.unknown.placeNA100 %
matrix.snt.utwente.nlNA100 %
matrix.st0rm.cloudNA100 %
ramrod.topNA100 %
ggc-project.deNA100 %
tezos.modular.imNA100 %
riot.anarchyplanet.orgNA100 %
midov.plNA100 %
chat.opentechtalks.beNA100 %
matrix.n3xus.oneNA100 %
matrix.dapor.netNA093 %
matrix.librino.netNA100 %
envs.netNA100 %
synapse.dst.fjit.noNA100 %
bakka.ioNA100 %
matrix.epactive.deNA100 %
adultchat.belowtheweb.comNA100 %
matrix.fff.communityNA100 %
jabawok.netNA100 %
matrix.bodensee.spaceNA100 %
synapse.duncanturk.comNA096 %
kevin-kremer.comNA100 %
trolla.usNA100 %
tusooa.xyzNA100 %
matrix.ombreport.infoNA100 %
matrix.cambsac.org.ukNA100 %
matrix.mio-chan-is.bestNA100 %
matrix.sebdu.deNA100 %
synapse.mcwhirter.ioNA100 %
jn2p.deNA100 %
matrix.cybre.spaceNA100 %
cryotize.ddns.netNA100 %
matrix.phcn.deNA100 %
matrix.eclabs.deNA100 %
bashroom.deNA100 %
no.dustinthe.netNA100 %
gould.modular.imNA100 %
im.skytel.eeNA100 %
matrix.sysops.deNA100 %
matrix.data.hausNA100 %
matrix.orgizm.netNA100 %
gnome.modular.imNA100 %
mgp.ax.ltNA090 %
spodeli.orgNA100 %
matrix.complb.deNA100 %
matrix.u-v.deNA100 %
matrix.jhell.orgNA100 %
matrix-server.schaffarzik.netNA100 %
matrix.nerd2nerd.orgNA100 %
matrix.gatomago.comNA096 %
ukvly.modular.imNA100 %
matrix.kif.rocksNA100 %
chat.poal.coNA100 %
nexunity.orgNA100 %
ioi.wtfNA100 %
xentonix.netNA100 %
gottsnack.netNA100 %
matrix.rustysoft.deNA100 %
matrix.pyrignis.frNA100 %
matrix.w3ctag.orgNA100 %
data.coopNA100 %
jsfamily.inNA100 %
matrix.reticu.liNA100 %
matrix.industra.spaceNA100 %
matrix.refchat.netNA100 %
matrix.null.loveNA100 %
cardy.modular.imNA100 %
matrix.mycloudservice.euNA100 %
m.deadcrab.deNA100 %
vector.modular.imNA100 %
matrix.lelux.netNA100 %
matrix.jarno.caNA100 %
yuri.imNA100 %
matrix.darkcloud.caNA100 %
chat.panthermodern.netNA100 %
matrix.cybear.spaceNA100 %
matrix.lacantine-brest.netNA100 %
matrix.fortysixandtwo.euNA100 %
matrix.dnix.deNA100 %
sgstbr.deNA100 %
sceal.ieNA100 %
sertimi.deNA100 %
matrix.un-hack-bar.deNA100 %
matrix.justyn.ioNA100 %
matrix.caff.techNA100 %
hive-mind.networkNA100 %
comms.rok-on.comNA100 %
matrix.highteq.netNA100 %
halogen.cityNA100 %
matrix.linuxdelta.comNA100 %
sessionclan.deNA100 %
matrix.rnwx.deNA100 %
cybercod.comNA100 %
matrix.gtd-gmbh.deNA100 %
fws.frNA100 %
nextus.meNA100 %
matrix.mint.lgbtNA100 %
matrix.ideesdici.frNA100 %
proxience.netNA100 %
matrix.auroch.beNA100 %
py-ro.deNA100 %
matrix.guja.nlNA100 %
rexy712.chickenkiller.comNA100 %
laiz.xyzNA100 %
matrix.o700.orgNA100 %
matrix.lptzocker.comNA100 %
livingedition.atNA100 %
chat.paralilo.netNA093 %
matrix.dorthe.usNA100 %
thinkof.nameNA100 %
mobbingsyndrom.deNA100 %
chat.interior.edu.uyNA100 %
sevarg.netNA100 %
syskom.euNA100 %
matrix.rainteau.comNA100 %
geekbundle.orgNA100 %
xerbo.netNA100 %
maahl.comNA100 %
enteig.netNA100 %
m.recruitsolutions.comNA100 %
synapse.theboltons.comNA100 %
jell.ieNA100 %
cascadians.netNA100 %
gr4v.netNA100 %
alsojon.comNA100 %
myliberty.euNA100 %
matrix.heitkoetter.netNA100 %
rhg135.comNA100 %
rjt.cxNA100 %
allworldit.comNA100 %
pizzaparty.xyzNA100 %
chat.thisisjoes.siteNA100 %
thesilentlink.orgNA100 %
chickensnest.usNA100 %
matrix.lordran.netNA100 %
osminog.deNA100 %
nagorcka.cloudNA100 %
conference.if-sat.deNA100 %
verwayen.comNA100 %
sikloud.comNA100 %
matrix.allmybits.netNA100 %
techvault.infoNA100 %
matrix.sinnwerkstatt.comNA100 %
matrix.decoded.legalNA100 %
miniskipper.atNA100 %
weldd.caNA096 %
wintermute.onosend.aiNA100 %
matrix.headroom.atNA100 %
matrix.chatNA100 %
matrix.techvault.infoNA100 %
rollyourown.xyzNA100 %
jngle.reNA100 %
johnstarich.comNA100 %
ensimag.frNA100 %
thegreenclan.caNA100 %
gfhemmat.irNA100 %
matrix.lakestonelabs.comNA100 %
kitsunet.netNA100 %
astolfo.ioNA100 %
mbiegert.chNA100 %
vinodjam.comNA100 %
hirtzfr.euNA100 %
clusterfucks.nlNA100 %
matrix.m-way.netNA100 %
matrix.keinhorn.deNA100 %
matrix.cizmar.orgNA100 %
matrix.link9.netNA093 %
apmechev.caNA096 %
matrix.cat.pdx.eduNA096 %
test.element110.deNA096 %
exploit.pubNA096 %
matrix.shishko.euNA096 %
poddighe.nlNA096 %
sibgeodevice.ruNA096 %
matrix.nbimail.deNA096 %
matrix.andreale.meNA096 %
frasinich.in.uaNA096 %
davralin.workNA096 %
randomsonicnet.orgNA096 %
jmarques.icuNA096 %
broken-mirror.netNA096 %
interior.edu.uyNA096 %
matrix.lasi-it.deNA096 %
matrix.proqsolutions.comNA096 %
looserhole.xyzNA096 %
tintuc.deNA096 %
matrix.expectnomore.netNA096 %
chuckmckinnon.comNA096 %
matrix.maetveis.comNA096 %
lulli.usNA096 %
sn.thirdvoyager.xyzNA096 %
xirion.netNA096 %
riot.blackbyte.itNA096 %
mellow.zoneNA096 %
hoellen.euNA096 %
lunai.reNA096 %
im.leptonics.comNA096 %
whitie.ddns.netNA096 %
matrix.dpd.chNA096 %
matrix.taboulisme.comNA096 %
superposition.caNA096 %
chat.dotmavriq.lifeNA096 %
matrix.hagen.techNA096 %
pyos.anoosdy.orgNA096 %
mattli.usNA096 %
documentfoundation.orgNA096 %
sigint.clubNA096 %
the.alNA096 %
twilp.nlNA100 %

## List #3 Home Servers Outdated?

Original website – https://matrix.grin.hu/stat/s_av2_1_day.html

Backup website – https://web.archive.org/web/20211113211731/https://matrix.grin.hu/stat/s_av2_1_day.html

## List #4

## List #5

## List #6

## List #7

## List #8

December 15, 2021

As you know that youtube (Google), Has removed dislikes from all youtube videos due to people complaining it affects their mental health and such. I have found a little github repo that will return the dislikes. It is very much legit and has been tested to work. This will estimate the views of the video, It isn’t a real time view counter, But it just tells you if you should continue watching or not.



December 15, 2021

You might be figuring out what’s the best websites to download torrents and can you trust them?. Well, I am here to give you one of the best websites that i have been using for years. These are well trusted from the communities. Instead of googling about, “torrent download sites” or “best torrent sites”. I give you a list of ones that are the best.

1. https://thepiratebay.org

2. https://yts.mx

3. https://rarbg.to

4. https://www.1337x.tw/

5. https://nyaa.si

6. https://subsplease.org

7. https://skidrowreloaded.com

8. https://eztv.re

9. https://libgen.st

10. https://rutracker.org

You can also check this website for up to 25 top best torrent sites to use: https://www.firesticktricks.com/torrent-sites.html

December 15, 2021

Some people always wondered how people created torrents, And they wanted to create one and share to their friends, family, or just in general to the communities. This is also saves a lot of storage and compresses it into a single .magnet link and using a torrent client like qbittorrent. This client is open-source and updates pretty frequently and has some nice features. As you are going to need a client to download this package i will send to create and share torrents. Make sure to use a VPN when downloading torrents as people can see your home IP address in peers, or You can get a DMCA from your ISP that will warn you before they ban you from their services…

Torrent (.magnet)

December 15, 2021

A hacker known as Pompompurin found a security flaw in a publicly facing form on the FBI's website that allowed sending hundreds of thousands of fraudulent emails.

Read the full story here: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2021/11/hoax-email-blast-abused-poor-coding-in-fbi-website/#more-57551

December 15, 2021

Robinhood recently had 7 million customers data exposed in a data breach.

Read more about it here: https://blog.robinhood.com/news/2021/11/8/data-security-incident

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