My Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List

December 12, 2021

The alternatives that keep my personal information private from prying eyes.

As you might know already by looking at my previous blog posts, I'm heavily invested in privacy and anonymity and I enjoy learning new ways to keep my personal data private.

Privacy organizations and cyber-pirates

Consider joining and donating to one, several or all of the listed organizations, they actually fight for your digital freedom.

Reduce Your Footprint



Deep Fake Software

Deep Fake Protection

Reverse Image Lookup

Virtual Machine

Open Source Router Firmware

Detect Trackers in Apps

Open Source RSS Feed Reader

Open Source eBook Reader

Debit Card Aliases

Private Cell Phone Plan

Private Hotspot

Phone Number Aliases

Privacy Friendly Desktop/Laptop Operating Systems

Privacy Friendly Mobile Operating Systems

Anti-Virus for Windows 10/11

⚠️ You do not need Bit-defender or Kaspersky on your Ghost Spectre Windows version as it will detect everything as false positive. Making Ghost Toolbox being deleted or even worst. All you need is Windows Defender, Shadow Defender, And your brain.

⚠️ Me and My homie cracked keys for premium access, If the key doesn’t work oh well. If you want some keys, You contact me by email and we can talk payment to gain a new key.

Privacy and Security Tools for Windows 10 and 11

Windows 11 Desktop Shell

Disk & File Cleaners with Privacy Features



Search Engine

Torrent Search Engines

Exploit & Leaks Search Engines


Email Clients

Email Aliases

Temp Email

Encrypted Video & Voice Messengers

Encrypted Digital Notebooks

Productivity & Collaboration Privacy Tools for Work

Encrypted and Secure Instant Messaging

Password Manager

Temp File Uploading

Authenticator 2FA (TOTP)

Hardware Authenticator 2FA (Security Key)


File Encryption

⚠️ Always use Full Disk Encryption on all your drives instead of encrypting folders.

Desktop/Laptop/Server Backup Application

Photo & Video Storage

File Cloud Storage


This article is not sponsored by any entity.

⚠️ A VPN is not a bulletproof solution and should not be used for anonymity, but rather privacy. Read VPNs Aren't Magical—Here's Why for more details.


Torrent Clients

Github & Gitlab Alternatives

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video Alternatives

YouTube Alternatives

Decentralized Social Networks

Privacy Friendly Translation Tools

Privacy-Friendly World Maps Alternatives

Android Keyboard Alternatives That Respect Your Privacy

Cryptocurrency: A privacy-enhanced cryptocurrency for anonymity

Become a System Administrator

Blog Software for Self and Managed Hosting

Secure Web Hosting & Domain Provider

Privacy and Security for ShareX Image & File Host

⚠️ The ShareX Image Host Community is incompetent and cannot secure a server or their sources. Some of which these image has gotten data breached or source got leaked by one of their old admins or a random user. They also like to be in drama and ddos. The average developer in the sharex image host community is between ages 13-16. They also can’t afford actual VDS/VPS, Which that means is they use free credits VPS that offers that like Vultr, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Azure, And Linode. Probably some of them have ip logging in their source as some of them do. I will provide the ones with the best list of security and that will respect your privacy.

Join the Image Host Community Discord Servers:


⚠️ had a databreach on November 24, 2017.

⚠️ E.Z.Host had a databreach and it is ran by a 16 year african-american kid. But it is still up and he hired some developers to add some cool features..

Reliability & Security

Privacy, Reliability, & Security

Self-Host Your Own

Privacy Policies Analysis Tools

MAC Address Changer

Online Leak and Fingerprint tests

Online Virus Scanners

Virus Total Scanners

⚠️Keep in mind that Virus Total is owned by Google.

URL shorteners

URL Unshortener

TLS/SSL ciphers

Plagiarism Checker

Well worth searching your GitHub URL with Google Scholar, which is a great way to find out if your code has made it into any academic publications.

Browser Fingerprinting

Canvas Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting measurement

Other Fingerprinting

Passive Fingerprinting

TLS Fingerprinting

Literary Archives & Libraries

Renascence Editions specializes in English works written between 1477 and 1799. PDF or HTML, generally, and an excellent source for works in Early Modern English.

eBook Publishers

Individual Authors and Books

Graphic Novels & Comic Books

Educational materials and Books for students and researchers

Guides connected to privacy, security or anonymity

Security Guides

IoT Security

iOS Privacy Guides

Privacy Guides

Hardening Guides

Anonymity Guides

Data Collection and Telemetry Studies

“Best practice” Guides

Anti-censorship Guides


Other interesting guides and books

Book Resources

Dev Books

Privacy relevant books and papers

DRM Free Book Stores

Scanning and Pentesting


This section is not finished.

Tor News

This section is not finished.

Major problems while using Tor


iOS Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List

iOS Shell

Amazon FireTV (Android Based) Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List

Amazon FireHD (Android Based) Privacy, Anonymity, & Security List


You've reached the end of my list—I hope you were able to discover an alternative or two along the way! If you disagree with any of my choices or just want to talk to me, feel free to send me an email.

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